Saturday, March 24, 2012

Thank you Goddess Ixchel !

I haven't updated my blog in the longest time - and here's why !

An excerpt from my previous post before I continue my story - “There's been a crazy twist in our lives since we visited Isla Mujeres, Mexico. Hundreds of years ago, Isla Mujeres was a sanctuary to Mayan Goddess "Ixchel". We visited a temple dedicated to Goddess Ixchel on the southernmost tip of the island. The sequel is almost unbelievable and it's changed our lives forever. I'll unveil the magic of Goddess Ixchel in a separate post.”

In May 2011,  Mr. & Mrs. Shah traveled from India all the way to the tiny island called Isla Mujeres in Mexico. We fixed Isla Mujeres as we prefer quaint islands & our intention was largely rest and relaxation. One night while eating dinner at Lolo's house she told us about the islands fascinating history. Lolo had settled in Isla Mujeres several years ago.

The English translation for “Isla Mujeres” literally means “Island of woman”. Hundreds of years ago, the island was sacred to “Ixchel” – the Mayan Goddess of childbirth & fertility. It was a ritual for all Mayan women to visit the island and ask for the blessing of fertility bestowed by Ixchel. The trip would be preceded by a purification ceremony before crossing on a boat to the island. Over the years, the island has become more popular as a tourist spot. But its significance still prevails & people still come from faraway to worship the Goddess.

One day while driving around, we bumped into the main temple dedicated to Goddess Ixchel on the southernmost tip of the island. We decided to visit the temple and pay homage to the goddess pictured above. The warning sign near the statue explicitly said "Mayan Goddess of fertility, touch at your own risk".

My college roommate & his wife were also holidaying with us in Mexico. We found this very amusing. The ladies wanted to be adventurous so they collaborated & touched the Goddess feet. Deep inside we all were probably thinking how foolish people are to believe in these rituals. The trip continued and the memories of this day flaked out.

But we were wrong and how. After returning home, we were expecting our first baby! My friend ringed me a few weeks later & astonishingly his wife was preggers as well. After sharing the good news, we immediately recalled our visit to Isla Mujeres & the magic of Ixchel.

February 23, 2012 was the happiest day in our lives as we welcomed with love our little angel !We'll probably go to Mexico again to thank Goddess Ixchel – but we'll have to wait and see if Mrs. Shah decides to touch her again !

"All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.” – Martin Buber

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